Motion Sensor

In our technique we use a motion sensor which uses the multiple technology to detect the movement in an area as an optional feature. When the sensor detects movement, it immediately sends the signal to the system and the TV reflects images in enhanced HD quality that will ultimately surprise your guests.

Motion sensor technology turns on the TV when approached from a close distance. The motion sensor can be adjusted to a desired distance. It can also be integrated with other sensors such that when activated, the mirror turns on as well, for example, the front door sensor.

Mirror Technology

At MirrorArt we use mirror with highly reflective optical mirror glass screen with built-in smart TV, It is made with special Pyrolytic Coating Technology allowing the screen to show dynamic and vibrant images when the TV is turned on.

The mirror glass is made with reflection technology according to international standards, ASTM C1376 (Standard Specification for Pyrolytic and Vacuum Deposition Coatings on Flat Glass), leading to an 82% light transmittance, for perfect optical and aesthetic excellence.