MirrorArt Live

MirrorArt Live is a free smart app that pairs with your Mirror TV

With the Mirrorart Live, you can play rich multimedia content such as video, photo, animation, clock, calendar, weather, and display special texts with the simple power of your remote control.

Mirror TVs can be placed in your living room, lounge, lobby, or reception. With the MirrorArt Live app, your classic TV transforms into a smart TV equipped with rich content. Surprise your guests with beautiful displays and a user-friendly interface, making your environment more engaging and interesting.

Although the MirrorArt Live app is integrated into Mirror TV, it’s also compatible with all TV models. With its simple Plug & Play technology, it’s ready to go. The only steps needed are: convert your TV to a Mirror TV and switch your TV’s input source to Media Player. Skip the hassle of installing extra software. Everything is already installed and ready to use.


MirrorArt Live Video

With the MirrorArt Live Video module, you can easily transform your environment from one that was boring and dull to exciting and entertaining. MirrorArt Live Video contains a wide variety of high quality videos, helping create that perfect ambiance for you and your guests.

Perhaps you want a fireplace view from your TV, or landscape and nature, or the relaxing views of underwater and aquarium videos. The choice is yours.

MirrorArt Live Photo

MirrorArt Live Photo turns your Mirror TV into a high-definition painting or animated multimedia table, playing different photos as a slide show. MirrorArt Live Photo includes high-resolution frames from different geographies, especially landscape and nature photographs. By switching your mirror TV to MirrorArt Live mode from your remote, you can play anything you like from four exquisite photo galleries

MirrorArt Live Text Animation

Set the MirrorArt Live app in Text Animation mode, and you can write custom text on the screen for birthdays, parties, celebrations, family dinners, and holidays. Surprise your guests with pre-recorded personalized messages, shown on the screen with a single click.

MirrorArt Live Animation

MirrorArt Live Animation displays various animations and shapes against a black background. Run any animation through to display a lovely image on your Mirror TV. This setting is especially designed in dark mode, making 3D digital animations appear realistically, completely transforming your environment.

MirrorArt Live Applications

MirrorArt Live Application includes a calendar and weather forecast. The weather application offers various video options according to the weather conditions in your location. You can also set and adjust your screen to reflect a digital or analog clock. Easily adjust the position of the clock as you like with your remote.

MirrorArt Live Settings

Making any adjustments is easy with the remote via the MirrorArt Live application. After switching Mirror TV to MirrorArt Live media mode, set the date, time, set up internet connection, or schedule TV turn-off time. Reset to factory settings at any time with a single click.