About US

MirrorArt is a next-generation digital signage service, born and raised with a great passion and love for technology. We are on a mission to produce state-of-the-art solutions that indeed need attention in today’s fast-paced environment and generate the reaction you need from your audience. We always strive to make classy and serve never-have-i-ever seen experiences.

“Inspired Solutions For Each Unique Application” is our tagline which speaks volumes about our brand as a whole.

TEMAS is our own manufacturing company that builds our brand Magic Mirror TV. We offer an array of Digital Signage solutions like Free Standing Signage Totem, Interactive kiosk, Digital Menu Boards, Kiosks, In-wall Signage Screens, Magic Mirror TV, and much more. We deliver cutting-edge technology that eventually helps our customers shine and thereby earn fame. Through our tailor-made and trendy solutions, we inspire businesses to unlock the potential of their story.

Digital signage is a valuable part of not just your in-store marketing strategy but your overall marketing strategy too. You can achieve your marketing goals, drive success and even uplift the overall consumer experience. All you need is a message and then we can help you craft the perfect way to express your message impactfully through our unique and classy solutions. We curate and design custom products meeting exactly what the demand of the customer is.

Though we are based in Istanbul, Turkey, our products and services travel worldwide. With more than a decade in this industry, exporting to 45+ countries, serving 9000+ happy customers; we have indeed created an impact worldwide. Customer satisfaction is indeed a part of our process, no matter what and we never compromise on quality and creativity.

Whether you’re looking for a solution to bring your story to life or a fully customized solution to captivate your audience, MirrorArt is your partner to successfully grow your business.